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Looking to buy the absolute best pillow? Here you’ll find everything you need to know!

How to choose the best pillow?

Thick or thin? Firm filling or soft? Down, feather, memory foam or a special filling?

These are the key questions we ask ourselves when on the hunt for the perfect pillow. With a wide range of types and fillings out there, there is happily a solution to meet every need. We’re here to help narrow it down and find the perfect pillow for you. 

When choosing a pillow, the decision hangs on the following four factors: 

  • Your own preferences
  • Your physical characteristics
  • Your adopted sleeping position
  • The mattress on which you sleep
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On you will find a complete pillow buying guide and a selection of the best reviewed pillow brands of the moment. We want to ensure that you make the right choice and avoid a bad buy.

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Best pillow Top Picks UK

Our top 5 picks best pillow of 2020

Searching for the best pillows of 2020? Depending on how you sleep and/or your physicality, there are many different sorts of pillows to choose from. Below you can find a selection of our favourite and best-rated pillows in one handy overview.

UK's Best Pillow - Our Favourite Pick 🥇

Simba Hybrid Pillow Review Revolutionary
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Simba Hybrid®

The Revolutionary Simba Hybrid® Pillow

With it’s temperature-regulating technology, breathable cotton and hypoallergenic microfibre filling, sleeping on the Simba Hybrid pillow means you’re in for a deep and restorative sleep.

The removable filling allows the user to tailor the height and firmness of the pillow to their preference. 

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Best Memory Foam Pillow

Emma pillow review
Emma Logo 200x100 1
The Emma Pillow

The Customisable Emma Original Memory Foam Pillow

This pillow contains 3 layers of foam which can be added and removed as desired.

Suitable for all sleeping positions, the memory foam is pressure relieving and keeps your spine perfectly aligned.

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Best Microfibre Pillow

Eve Microfibre Premium Pillow Review
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Eve Microfibre Pillow

The Eve Microfibre Premium Pillow

The Eve Microfibre pillow feels like sleeping on a cloud. It offers softness on the outside and squishably-firm support in the middle – So you get the best of both. It has quite a unique shape that adapts perfectly to your head and neck. 

This pillow is super hygienic (keeps the dust mites & allergens away) and easy to wash.

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Best Feather & Down Pillow

Soak Sleep Feather and Down pillow Review
Soak And Sleep Logo 200x100
Soak & Sleep Feather & Down Pillow

The RDS Certified Soak & Sleep Feather & Down Pillows

By combining down and feather in one pillow, Soak & Sleep can offer more comfort for a lower price tag.

Choose from a range of sizes and densities. A soft/medium pillow is ideal for a front sleeper, whilst a deeper medium/firm pillow is more suited to back and side sleepers.

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Best Organic/Natural Pillow

Una Organic Certified Pillow Review
Una Logo 200x100
Una Organic Pillow

The Una 100% Organic Pillow

For a greener option, look no further than The Una 100% Organic Pillow.

Handmade to the highest social and environmental standards, the result is a climate-friendly pillow that will last for up to 20 years. The cover is made of soft organic wool and cotton, and the inner part of organic certified Latex foam flakes.

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Best Pillow For Your Sleeping Position

The best type of pillow is the one you find the most comfortable and keeps your spine aligned, in your favourite sleep position.

For Stomach sleeper

Uh oh, sleeping on your stomach is not recommended...

For Back Sleeper

Hooray! Sleeping on your back is the most healthy position.

For Side Sleeper

You belong to the largest group of sleepers - welcome to the club!

Best Pillow Customised to Your Needs

Need help to wake up to better sleep? Every person is unique and has individual needs, concerns, and preferences. Whilst we aren’t doctors or scientists, we’re guiding you to the right path for you to find the pillow suited to your needs.

Stop snoring?

Too hot?


Which pillow is the best for you?

In this complete buying guide, you can read from A to Z which elements you should pay attention to when choosing a new pillow. With these tips, you can quickly and easily find the best fit for you. 

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The Best Pillow Offers

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